Friday, March 25, 2011


As the girls get older we don't seem to hit or recognize milestones anymore.  However, in the last month I feel like we hit two HUGE milestones for us that are worthy enough to talk about!  The first one is... Emily no longer has her pacifier!  This is very monumental for us.. or maybe just me!  She was beginning to use it ALL THE TIME!  We were able to cut her time down from always to just nap/bed time.  Then our wonderful trip to Disneyland changed everything!  Poor thing was so darn tired that I'm guessing she just simply forgot to ask for it.  So when we got home and she asked... our response was "It's at Disneyland".  I mean really, what can you say to that?!

The next milestone happened with our big girl Gracie.  Up until yesterday she was still pooping in her pull-ups.  (maybe this is tmi??!!)  I have tried several times to get her to go in the potty and she would always say "tomorrow" or "when I'm bigger".  I let her pick out a princess dress at Target and if she goes poop in the toilet then she can wear it.  It only took 2 days folks!  Of course we'll see what happens tonight, or tomorrow, but for now I'm love'n it!! 

I am so very proud of my babies!  And I love to let them know it!!


  1. i told your mom that in recognition of Gracie's big accomplishment you should get a chocolate/chocolate ice cream cake in the shape of a log.

  2. Haha, very funny rob! Gracie would probably be all over it!!

  3. It's all in the incentive. Maybe I could get to a size 8 if I had a pretty princess dress like Gracie's :) I'm proud of both my big girls!