Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Vacation

My family and I ventured to Southern California last weekend for a Disneyland good time!  Sadly to say, but this has been our FIRST family vaca that didn't involve visiting family!  (although we did visit our tax guy.. but he doesn't count right??)  We spent one day at California Adventure and one day at Disneyland.  The girls (between fits) had a BLAST! Gracie is completely into princesses and so we HAD to meet some.  She has however met some before, but it been about a year.  For those of you who know the "princess meeting line" it is tortorous!  It moves soooo slowly and takes what seems a lifetime and kiddos are getting cranky and into no good!  But when we get moments like the ones below... it makes it oh so worth it!
I do realize that Tinker Bell isn't a princess.. but isn't this picture priceless??
While down south we got to see of our good friends; the Sulivans :)  (I think this was one of Gracie's favorite parts!) 
Getting ready to cook us dinner!

The next Chef Ramsey!  
Aren't they just the cutest??
We had a hotel room with two beds and we were lucky enough to snuggle in close with our girls which we don't normally get the chance to do while in bed.  The best was waking up next them and seeing the smile on their faces.  Just heavenly!  It was sad to say goodbye... however it was nice to be back at home!  We'll see you soon SoCal!
Do you see Gracie's face??


  1. Emily makes the craziest faces! I love it! Too cute.

  2. You got GREAT photos! That first one with Tinkerbell - oh, man, Gracie's got major girl crushes on that Tinkerbell :)