Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Pick'n We Will Go

When Fall begins, it means one of many things... picking your own apples! We visited Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville and picked strawberries and apples. It felt very invigorating to pick our own fruit. I felt very organic! The girls each had their own little bucket to put their freshly picked strawberries. Gracie had a great eye for the ready-to-be-picked strawberries. Where as for Emily, she picked whatever she could get her little hands on... green or red!

There was a sign posted that said we may "sample" the fruit, but not "graze". Unfortunately, I don't think Emily got that message. I think she had more strawberries go into her mouth than the bucket.

Some mommy and Emily time :)

Is she still eating those strawberries??

Off to pick some apples.

It was enjoyable picking the apples too. We had to help the girls somewhat to reach by holding onto them and allowing them to stretch their little arms. The girls had that proud look on their faces when picking their fruit; like they grew it themselves and were picking their prizes!

Here's Gracie showing off her beautiful strawberries.

If you look closely you can see all the strawberry residue on Emily's mouth. She LOVED the strawberries!

We will for sure do this again next year. Hopefully Emily will be able to control herself and not eat all the strawberries before paying for them! Happy picking!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Off to the Mid-West

We went to the Mid-West to visit Jim's family over Labor Day weekend; which was a really long time ago! Traveling with two little ones is always interesting. We had long days, off nap/bedtime schedules and a few tantrums. But it was of course all worth it. We had a really nice time. While there we went to an apple farm called Apple Holler and Lincoln Park Zoo. The girls really enjoyed themselves.

Gracie was brave enough to feed the goats!

Gracie picking an apple, which technically we didn't pay for :)

We went through a corn maze.. which if it were me alone, I'd probably still be there!

This pretty much says it all...

This was really cool. We got to see the polar bear under water. The girls got a kick out of this!


See you again, Chicago!