Monday, March 15, 2010

Never Leave Your Child Unattended!

When we only had Gracie this rule of thumb was easy to follow. However, since having baby Emily it's not as easy as it used to be. While attending one, the other is sure to be elsewhere. And while chasing one in one direction, the other one is surely going the other way. The first picture was taken after I selfishly took a shower and tried to get ready for the day...
I let Gracie finger paint on her own, and apparently she wanted to body paint as well!
This next picture was taken during the time I was trying to help Gracie with a snack.
I saw Emily doing this and was thinking to myself, "No... she can't be!" And sure enough she did! The things these little turkeys can get into!

Say Cheese!

Jim and I finally bit the bullet and bought a "nice" camera. We've always had the basic fit in your pocket kind of camera. Although it does get the job done, the picture quality just isn't there. Also, with these kids moving as fast as they do, we seem to get a lot of blurry pictures. Below are some pictures that we've taken so far with our fab new camera!
Emily enjoying a sunny day.

Cutie pie!



Spring Girl!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Our little baby girl #2 Emily is growing up so fast! Today is her 11 month birthday (Happy Birthday love bug!), and she has decided that she is done with this baby crawling business and wants to walk like her big sister Gracie! She took her first steps at 9 months but still wasn't ready to take the full plunge. And just a few days ago she was cruising around the kitchen/family room area showing off her new skills just as her sister did about 2 years ago. Way to go Emily; we're so proud of you!