Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beautiful Fall Sunset

Jim and Emily ventured off to Trader Joe's this evening to pick up some dinner; which left Gracie and I to ourselves.  We decided to make some Peppermint Chocolate Bark.  While doing so I looked out of our kitchen window and saw an orange glow, which can only mean one thing SUNSET.  I decided to grab my camera and try to grab some shots from our front yard.  Here is what we got...

I hope you have a beautiful day too.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Joys of Picture Taking

I will be the first to admit that I am no photographer (although that would be fantastic if I were)... but when it comes to taking posed pictures of my kiddos, well they have their own ideas.  Every year, along with most of America we try to get that "perfect" Christmas card picture to send out to the ones we love to show off our little ones.  I decided to take the picture a little suddenly; nothing was planned.  You'll notice the girls have a gold medal necklace on, along with a macaroni necklace they made   And now that I'm looking at the picture again, Emily has a pearl necklace on.  (It's always a good time to have a pearl necklace on!)  I decided not to try to take them off because I didn't want to cause any tears or ruin this so-called moment.  When picture time has been decided, you don't want to do anything to rock that boat.  Oh, and yes, that is a pajama top Emily is wearing!  But like I said, when the time is right, you must strike!   So this is one of the first ones we took.
OK, so things are going so well.  Emily refused to sit next to her sister so I thought, hmm it might be cute if Gracie got behind her and gave her a hug.  Uhhh.. not so much.  Next we got this..
We're getting a little better, but what's up with Gracie's eye??  (Check out those necklaces and pj top!)

Finally we got this one.. the winner!! 
Thank you girls for such a "perfect" picture.  Doesn't it appear that we have perfect little angels and that our life is always so calm and full of rainbows??  That's what I wanted!!

Now we had to have a little fun!
We hope you and your family have perfect, yet silly holiday season!  Cheers!!