Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My kids, as I'm sure with every kid out there sure do say the funniest things.  I haven't been very good at writing the things down that they say so we can have a chuckle about it later in life.  So this is my attempt at "writing these things down".  Here are a couple of quotes that have come out of these itty bitty mouths :)

This happened after putting her to bed as I was leaving her room
Gracie:  "Mommy, will you please leave so I can start the party?"

This happened while I was vacuuming and I was bending down for something.  Emily was behind me using her little vacuum.
Emily: "Mommy, vacuum back" and she proceeded to put the vacuum on my back to "vacuum it".  I guess I had a dirty back!

Last one for now; Gracie had just finished going potty and her Groby (boy character from Yo Gabba Gabba) was on the floor.
Gracie:  "Mommy, where is Groby's antenna?"  (meaning wee-wee!)  Not sure where she got this one!


  1. I will always remember when Gracie said, "Oh crap! It's starting to rain!" the day I took her shopping. I couldn't believe what I was hearing :)

  2. haha! That's her new favorite word!! So bad :)