Friday, March 25, 2011


As the girls get older we don't seem to hit or recognize milestones anymore.  However, in the last month I feel like we hit two HUGE milestones for us that are worthy enough to talk about!  The first one is... Emily no longer has her pacifier!  This is very monumental for us.. or maybe just me!  She was beginning to use it ALL THE TIME!  We were able to cut her time down from always to just nap/bed time.  Then our wonderful trip to Disneyland changed everything!  Poor thing was so darn tired that I'm guessing she just simply forgot to ask for it.  So when we got home and she asked... our response was "It's at Disneyland".  I mean really, what can you say to that?!

The next milestone happened with our big girl Gracie.  Up until yesterday she was still pooping in her pull-ups.  (maybe this is tmi??!!)  I have tried several times to get her to go in the potty and she would always say "tomorrow" or "when I'm bigger".  I let her pick out a princess dress at Target and if she goes poop in the toilet then she can wear it.  It only took 2 days folks!  Of course we'll see what happens tonight, or tomorrow, but for now I'm love'n it!! 

I am so very proud of my babies!  And I love to let them know it!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My kids, as I'm sure with every kid out there sure do say the funniest things.  I haven't been very good at writing the things down that they say so we can have a chuckle about it later in life.  So this is my attempt at "writing these things down".  Here are a couple of quotes that have come out of these itty bitty mouths :)

This happened after putting her to bed as I was leaving her room
Gracie:  "Mommy, will you please leave so I can start the party?"

This happened while I was vacuuming and I was bending down for something.  Emily was behind me using her little vacuum.
Emily: "Mommy, vacuum back" and she proceeded to put the vacuum on my back to "vacuum it".  I guess I had a dirty back!

Last one for now; Gracie had just finished going potty and her Groby (boy character from Yo Gabba Gabba) was on the floor.
Gracie:  "Mommy, where is Groby's antenna?"  (meaning wee-wee!)  Not sure where she got this one!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Vacation

My family and I ventured to Southern California last weekend for a Disneyland good time!  Sadly to say, but this has been our FIRST family vaca that didn't involve visiting family!  (although we did visit our tax guy.. but he doesn't count right??)  We spent one day at California Adventure and one day at Disneyland.  The girls (between fits) had a BLAST! Gracie is completely into princesses and so we HAD to meet some.  She has however met some before, but it been about a year.  For those of you who know the "princess meeting line" it is tortorous!  It moves soooo slowly and takes what seems a lifetime and kiddos are getting cranky and into no good!  But when we get moments like the ones below... it makes it oh so worth it!
I do realize that Tinker Bell isn't a princess.. but isn't this picture priceless??
While down south we got to see of our good friends; the Sulivans :)  (I think this was one of Gracie's favorite parts!) 
Getting ready to cook us dinner!

The next Chef Ramsey!  
Aren't they just the cutest??
We had a hotel room with two beds and we were lucky enough to snuggle in close with our girls which we don't normally get the chance to do while in bed.  The best was waking up next them and seeing the smile on their faces.  Just heavenly!  It was sad to say goodbye... however it was nice to be back at home!  We'll see you soon SoCal!
Do you see Gracie's face??