Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Days

The day finally came where Gracie started preschool. Jim and I have always thought that we'd start Gracie in preschool when she turned three, but the night before she started we began to think maybe not. Not because she isn't ready (because believe you me, I know she it) but because she's our "baby girl"! The time with these kids goes by so incredibly fast. While you're going through the everydayness of things, it seems to go by slowly. But then you blink or take a deep breath and all of a sudden 6 months have passed.

Gracie had a wonderful, fun-filled day! She loved her teacher Miss Megan and recited what she said pretty much all afternoon. Which, as a teacher myself, makes me a little nervous about what my students have repeated at home!
Gracie wanted us to call her Miss Megan and she continued to ramble about going to the bathroom, listening ears, secrets, singing some songs that I don't quite recognize yet, and timers. The good news is she is looking forward to going back next week. The following are some pictures of this big First Day of School.

Gracie eating breakfast before this big day!

And we can't forget about Miss Emily. While Gracie is in school I get to hang out with my precious little Emily. I really enjoyed this one on one time with her that I don't usually get!

Ready or not, here we come!

Gracie is to find an apple with her name on it and take it over to a tree to hang it.

Here is the tree where she is to hang it, except she's too busy looking at someone else's apple!

I think Emily is ready to start school too!

Last hugs good-bye! We love you Gracie, have a great day!!


  1. Too cute! She is such a picture ham. Hope you had fun at school Gracie!

  2. She is a complete and total picture of her mommy...and Emily - just like her Daddy. Hmmm...if Baby #3 ever materializes, WHO will he/she look like???????