Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wanna be my friend?

I love to listen to my girls playing together. (usually... Emily is actually crying right now!!)  I also love to watch them in action at the park.  It's so amazing to me that as a child, to make a friend can be so easy!  If my daughters see someone that they seem "interested" in, they approach them and simply ask, "Wanna be my friend?" 

If only it were this easy as an adult :)


  1. Can you imagine if we walked up to people in the mall, grocery store, etc. and asked people if they wanted to be our friend? LOL. We'd definately get some crazy looks!

  2. I've actually met people at malls and elsewhere that I would LOVE to be friends with - and they stay in my mind for a really long time...yesterday I met a lady at the ham place -standing in line 45 minutes we got pretty acquainted! I think we could've been great friends - I swear, she almost glowed! But of course how can you say - "umm...can we go have coffee?" Although she might very well have said, "Sure!" I will never know now, sadly. She was African-American - so I sort of think of her as my "Black Rosie" - she was just as sweet and dear as MY Rosie is :) Sorry for the long comment, Ashley!!!