Monday, January 17, 2011

Embracing the Weather

We just had a lovely weekend full of sunlight with a hint of warmth.  And believe you me we drank it up like we haven't drank before.  We're still fairly new to the Northern California area and are trying to get used to the cold weather.  (Which, I suppose really isn't THAT cold considering how cold it can get in other places!)  But, coming from Southern California it is still pretty cold!  In fact, I saw that it was 80 down there this past weekend (tear drop!).  Non-the-less we took full advantage of the warm sun by going on walks, riding bikes and went to a couple of different parks.  Without further ado here are some photos from our Sunday Funday!

Fairy wings and a tiarra are always a must in this family!

Emily's new thing is to stick out her tongue... not sure of the point of this but at least it's harmless!

Em is love'n some daddy time!

Cheers to you and good weather!

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